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Thank you for visiting International Tales, a wonderful source for audio stories on the web. Here we will entertain, educate, and learn tales from many regions in different languages to simplify cultural understanding using several unique well known stories from all over the world!

We believe imagination is a key to cultural development. What better way to mentor and teach our children through their own experiences and imagination.

Our stories are available in packages for your enjoyment. We hope that you will take advantage of our many fascinating audio tales, to enlighten and explore the world around you.

Entertain - Educate - Learn

Turn off your TV & we'll turn on your imagination!

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You can now place all of your favorite stories and own them on a CD in any format. Email us your request at . You can choose up to 15 stories for a fixed price of only $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Enabled by secure PayPal Invoice

Professional recording of your child's story

Bring your child's imagination to reality. Email us your child's story in text (1-10 pages and our professional story tellers will narrate and act them out for your child. For $75.00 you will receive a customized CD with your child's name and the story.

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Tired of buying new toys that get tossed away? Write a story for your child's special day and have it come to life!

Write a story with your child's name as the main character. Enable them, empower them and let them see what their character is capable of. Create something your family will cherish.

A wonderful gift that lasts a lifetime!

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Or let us create a story about your child

Tell us about your child's interest, his/her favorite pet, passion, or anything you would like to share. Things that would make the story interesting to your child. We'll create an audio story and mail you the CD. You may also choose to download it from our site.

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